Channeled Messages & Children by Bridget Nielsen and Artwork by Nat Kuleba

Connecting with hybrid children through artwork is my golden ticket to see into their world. I love these sessions because they visually and vibrationally show me is their reality… the essence of who they are. The hybrids know their incarnational theme and gifts and this is revealed through messages they give me and scenes and animals they want included in their portraits!  Due to my busy schedule and new excitements, I don’t have time to paint the paintings myself, so I have Nat Kuleba my team to assist in creating a digital painting for you. I LOVE this upgrade using technology because it makes the hybrids even more ALIVE.

You’ll Receive:

  • Channeled messages and information (example here & more below) from your hybrid children by Bridget Nielsen. I also receive the download and vision of the kids and I give that to Nat to paint.
  • An original custom digital painting (reality/world/scene) of your hybrid children by Nat Kuleba. This artwork holds the vibration of these beautiful light-beings and act as a connective conduit to make contact with them and shift your vibration to that reality! If you HAVE TO have the painting done by me (Bridget), I will do it but it may take 1-3 months for it to be created and delivered to you.
  • A golden beam of connection between you and your child.  In the sessions I merge their 5th dimensional reality with yours ~ bringing “heaven on earth” by energetically grounding the bond between you in this physical earth plane. Once the connection is created you’ll more easily have visions with the kids, dream of them and feel them in your everyday life.hybrid child

My Channeling Process: The channeling and artwork process requires a lot of energetic dedication and time. Due to my excitement leading me in new directions, I don’t have the time to paint them myself. What I will do is begin by receiving a vision from the child through meditation. The vision is not just an image of them, but a big pictorial depiction of their frequency and the thematic essence of their hybrid incarnation. During this process I receive a message from the kid(s) explaining who he/she is and anything they’d like to share or say to their human parents! Nat will create the visual representation that I receive which usually includes an animal, a scene or other beings who assist in expressing the child’s spirit. It’s a divine and incredible process!  Thank you for allowing me to bridge-it!! Your session will be complete within 2-4 weeks depending on our availability.

Session Possibilities

All funds I receive from my sessions and artwork go directly to the group money pot at the Sedona Headquarters Community for food, living expenses and community development. By supporting me, you are supporting a new economya new collective and the first hybrid children assimilation community! Yay!! Thank you!

Messages and Original Paintings by Bridget

Click on the images below to read more about these hybrid kids!

Ostara, hybrid child

the key to the hybridization program

Hybrid child in the snow with ship behind her

beautiful hybrid girl with an owl

girl in the jungle with a panther

a heart shaped stone cavern with a boy

beautiful sacred geometry flower


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